That Sweet RaRa

This is a monthly podcast hosted by Ray that will be released on the 28th of each month. Our debut episode premiered this last March and new shows will begin again soon. Each show has a unique theme and we talk about interesting topics such as culture, technology, entertainment, the arts, and world happenings.

The podcast can be found on this website as well as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn, and other audio streaming services. If you have a comment, suggestion, question, or idea for our show please use the form on the "Connect" page to let us know (just click "Podcast" as the reason for contact). Thanks for listening and we hope that you enjoy the show!



 Show 2 - Philosophy - The Way (Coming Soon)

In our second episode we talk about different ways of thinking and how perception can change everything. We'll dive into some influential theoretical philosophies from throughout history and there will also be a guided mediation toward the end too. This one should be a lot of fun!


 Show 1 - Future Technology - A New Humanity

In our debut episode we discuss some fascinating technologies that are currently emerging and set to revolutionize the world! Topics include reversing aging, gene editing, and transforming ourselves with biotechnology. Let's go to the future!